Environmental & community footprints

Wherever we go and whatever we do, we leave footprints on the environment and community. Our visitor policy encourages you to make positive choices during your visit, you can help to look after Cornwall and this special area ensuring that it retains everything that is special about it for your next visit. You can have an impact right here at Trenderway

1. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

In Cornwall we take our recycling very seriously, as we hope you do at home! Say no to packaging where possible, especially plastic bags. You will find recycling banks in most main car parks across the area. In Cornwall we work hard to recycle all we can. Please help us by recycling your paper and other clean waste, our house keeping staff will clear it away each day, ask us how.

2. Reduce traffic: walk, cycle or use public transport

Walking and cycling are great ways to see our area without adding to traffic. Use public transport if you need to travel to your start point, but try exploring near to where you are staying – there are some fantastic places to see right on your doorstep! Give your car a rest Ask us about the fantastic walks nearby. We have maps and guides available to borrow

3. Stay Local, Eat Local, Buy Local, See Local

Support local producers and services – this way your visit has a real benefit to the communities of Cornwall. And you get to see and taste the real quality that Cornwall offers. Visit Farmers Markets, farm shops, village stores, local restaurants, pubs and cafes. Much of our distinctive culture is evident in the hundreds of community events that happen throughout the year and are well worth supporting – and the food and drink is simply fantastic.

4. Chill out – switch off…

Enjoy a fabulous, light touch holiday… switch off lights and dripping taps; use the voluntary laundry card scheme where you see it, so that only towels that need washing are laundered; every single effort helps protect and enhance our beautiful environment. It takes a moment and it’s all worth it! Trenderway uses 100% Renewable Electricity from Good Energy so even if you enjoy your light touch holiday, please don’t fret, just relax.

5. When in Rome…

To enjoy Cornwall at its best, we can help you get to know all the nooks and crannies of local knowledge – like beach safety, local cultural events, and the Countryside Code which reminds visitors to protect plants and animals; take litter away; leave gates and property as you find them; keep dogs under close control; consider other people and users when visiting the countryside.