A Healthy Herd

Libby has left the farm
Truro market is just like any other livestock market if a little further west than any of the other. A great little cafe where you can get a real cup of tea and enjoy the hum of farmers’ conversations as they wait for their cattle to be sold. The subjects of conversation are pretty similar world wide, the price of cattle, expensive feed, government interference where none is needed and or none where intervention would be welcomed. Or just simple social conversations as many traditional old school farmers get a chance to meet up, no Facebook here! So the most amazing thing was to discover that they have a WiFi hotspot!

Trenderway is here today to sell some stores (Cattle that someone else will buy and fatten), and to move Libby, our 8th cow off the farm. She is not exactly “special” which is not surprising as earlier his year she was identified as carrying Johnes Disease and we needed to isolate her and get her off the farm as quickly as possible. Johnes Is a major problem in cattle in the UK generally affecting weight gain and longevity and because of its nature can remain undetected unless it’s eradication is actively pursued.
Trenderway has been under the Herdsure Healthy Livestock program for a couple of years now, and have been testing clear of a series of key diseases, so it was a bit of a setback to have Libby testing positive.

This is where the harsh reality of the market takes over. Not only are prices slightly down at the moment, but being this far west our prices are generally below the average in the UK. Sale price barely covered the cost of the livestock haulier.

At lest this means that the income from the 5 stores will not have any additional costs attached.