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South Devon Cattle – Handling our winter

South Devon Cattle  – The Natural Breed


As many of our visitors and friends know we aspire to a very low impact model in our grass fed grass finished beef production. We only feed our South Devon cattle grass and we try to keep them outside year round.  This morning I was feeding Billy-Bob’s family out in our main overwintering field and it struck me how good they looked.

[pe2-image src=”” href=”″ caption=”Pregnant mamas looking good.” type=”image” alt=”IMAG0558.jpg” ]

These girls have been maintained on a diet of winter grass and a bale of silage every other day throughout the winter. They are all pregnant and coming on very nicely. We are keeping making every effort to stay quiet around them, between the wind, cold and rain of the last few weeks and their advanced pregnant condition they have been getting moody on occasion. However this Easter weekend with its fantastic weather has brought out the best in them and I wanted to share this picture with all of you.

The Truth about Weather in Cornwall

One of the hottest topics of conversation down here in Cornwall this past few months has been the weather. Principally the pessimistic interpretation and very broad brush used by our forecasters when telling the nation about weather. In fact weather in Cornwall is usually much better than nationally broadcast.

South West businesses have started to use a hashtag, #weatherornot, when tweeting in an effort to communicate just how good local weather actually is when forecasters effectively lump most of the South Coast in one forecast.

This morning national weather has been gleefully predicting freezing temperatures, snow, rain and a downright miserable Easter break. BBC news reported the exodus of British holidaymakers escaping the horrible weather.

Only, Spotlight, the BBC TV local news in the South West broadcast a weather forecast that suggested that rain was only a possibility . Yesterday was beautiful and today is slightly overcast and cold, but absolutely the sort of nippy spring weather that will make a great Easter break enjoying the Cornish countryside, attractions and food.

Yesterday we launched a live forecast which will run on this website’s Home Page. It is provided by the ultimate weather site, the Weather Underground which is using our own weather station for it real time feeds!  Click on the link in the weather panel to be taken to probably the most informative weather and climate page for you will find on the internet.

If you feel more traditional the Meteorological Office provides a very good forecast for our corner of Cornwall here, you will need to select either Looe, Polperro or Pelynt as your location.

Hoping to see you soon for a great visit, whatever the weather….. #’weatherornot

Guided Walks from Looe Town Council

Those imaginative visitor people over at our Looe Town Council have recorded a whole load of audio guides to some popular walks.
Download on iTunes or from
Audioboo .

Easter Events in Looe

Lots happening in Looe over easter – here is a taste. Check out Looe Tourist Information Centre online or Facebook

Easter in Looe: 
Good Friday – Walk of Witness 12 noon
Saturday – West Looe Crafters Craft Fair 10am – 4pm The Guildhall
Sunday – SonRise Service 7am Banjo Pier, Easter Egg Hunt 2pm East Looe Beach, Easter Bonnet Parade 3pm
Monday – Easter Beach Exploration and Treasure Hunt 2pm – 4pm

Spring Barn Dance on 6th April

Trenderway Farm Spring 2013 Barn DanceIts time for another of Trenderway’s yee haa Hoe Down Barn Dances, and the great news is that we have convinced the amazing Rob Zikking to come back and get us tapping our toes and shaking our Do Se Dos. Great music is accompanied by the incredible food of Barn Dance foodmeister Richard McGeown. A trio of his scrumptious sausages on luscious mustard mash served with Betty Stoggs Onion Gravy, fuel to keep the most energetic of dancer going ALLL night.

Full details and online tickets here