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What a big girl!

When our girls start calving we check on them all the time. We had been following 047’s progress all day, and were fairly confident that tonight was the night. Now this old girl (born 1999) is an experienced mother and she had been mooching around all day, and showing various physical signs of impending labour. So when I found her recumbant in labour at 2345, with a couple of hooves and a nose visible, I was delighted and ready for an early night.
Optimism, at least with regards to bedtime, when it comes to cows calving is a grave mistake.
Five minutes later, her ladyship changes her mind, gets to her feet, and with the calf still protridomg, starts to meander across the field.
It was time to intervene. Having got  her into the cattle shed, and roused  Malcolm from his bed we started to help.
As soon as we got the head out it was very clear why she was in need of assistance.
This calf, a lovely heifer, is HUGE.


It’s now nearly 3am, Jacquie has been sent to bed, i am watching this miracle of nature attempting to stand and waiting to see it suckle and get that critical dose of Colostrum.

There is always something to do in Cornwall – even when its raining

Woke up this morning to the sound of rain on the roof outside our bedroom and thought of the fantastic list created by Gill Jenkins from Bedknobs B&B.
101 Things to Do on a Rainy Day in Cornwall is a great little list and is now longer than 101 things.  You can get your own copy here

Click here to visit 101 Things to Do on a Rainy Day in Cornwall 101 Things to Do on a Rainy Day in Cornwall

All this rain is helping

Fluffy cumulus clouds have been sweeping our countryside for the last few days. April showers interspersed with rain bringing sorely needed water to our grass and our neighbours crops. The cattle don’t care whether its wet or dry, so long as they have plenty to eat. With fresh grass and yummy silage they are happy, although in the mother herd our heavily pregnant ladies are looking decidedly fed up!

A false alarm with one our younger cows last night had me adding in a final 1am patrol. Having seen her standing apart, looking somewhat confused and attempting to kick her stomach (a common habit amongst cows near calving) I came back a couple of hours later to find her lying amongst the herd happily chewing the cud.

Thankfully I got to enjoy a clear sky with incredible stars and a lull in the wind.

Real Weddings: The Offbeat Bride Website

Real Weddings: Global | Offbeat Bride.

For a fantastic collection of quirky original ideas for your wedding day, you can’t beat this website.  Based in the USA not only do their ideas travel well but they also feature some Real Weddings from other parts of the world.

So how about a Victorian High Tea wedding in our Linhay Barn then?



From left to right

Goose egg, Duck egg, a normal hen egg.