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Quality Beef from Trenderway Farm

The August Bank Holiday is approaching, our thoughts are turning to the pleasures of hay making in September and the huge crop of Sloe Berries and Blackberries that are loading down our hedgerows.
The weather is once again teasing us. The ¬†console for our new high¬†tech weather station, blinking next to my computer screen, is telling me that nearly 2 inches of rain have drenched our farmland since eight o’clock this morning. Its a perfect day for a glass of Jacquie’s mellow Sloe Gin, considering hearty beef dinners and writing to you how good it would be to use our beef.

Its a year since we sent out our inaugural 10kg Beef Box. Our uncompromising insistance on slow grown grass fed, naturally raised South Devon beef means that we only ever have a small amount available at any time. Read More→