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A New Pedigree South Devon Heifer born this morning

As one Marathon starts another ends!

This morning as we watched the runners gathering for the London Marathon our own marathon calf watch ended. GrannieAnne our “old girl” that had kept us guessing for the last 5 weeks finally calved.

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Saving our Farming Industry

Yesterday Trenderway played host to Jim Paice the Conservative Spokesman on Farming and Rural Affairs and Sheryll Murray our local SE Cornwall Conservative candidate and we hope our future MP at Westminster.

It was a delight talking to a politician who actually GETS farming. The fresh attitude and perhaps even naivitie that Jacquie and I bring to farming probably plays a large role in shaping our perspectives. We find that a large part of our enthusiasm is dampened by the low quality and high quantity of both compliance and regulation.

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More Chicks

Latest addition to Jacquie’s hen menagerie. This little fellow was rescued from a broodie Buff Orpingten hen, that having sat on a clutch of eggs for the whole 21 days promptly starting squashing them!We were amazed that it survived, as it was prematurely hatched by its clumsy mother.

Jacquie put the partially hatched egg in an incubator and the whfarm watched as for 24 hours it went through the motions of hatching, albeit outside the shell of the egg.

Yesterday morning it “hatched” and we were still doubtful it would make it.Amazingly, as you can see, its doing really well. Chirping extremely loudly and sharing the nursery with 3 threesome that hatched just before easter.

Spring Evening from Meadow Barn Deck

The Meadow looked lovely in the evening sun yesterday. We have a large group of geese nesting this year and they are not as noisey as in previous years.

Full Blast Heat at Trenderway

While it may be somewhat wet this Easter Weekend – our guests are warm and cosy.

The new boiler has been installed and is pumping heat into all parts of the farmhouse. The change was felt instantly and its obvious that the 30 year old plus boiler, which had been gallantly attempting to cope, was due to to be retired.

We have also completed the refurbishment of the shower in Granary. The old shower had been leaking and the damage to the plasterboard and floor was such that we had to rip it out. This gave us a great opportunity to let our imagination run free. We have used old cornish Roof Slates that were half buried in our field to tile the shower and it looks stunning. Guests staying in the Granary will enjoy a Hansgrohe EcoSmart Raindance Air shower. This is one of the best showering experiences available and the EcoSmart makes it guilt free as it’s so water efficient.