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Getting warmer at Trenderway – and closing for a short while

>Not only are the days getting longer and temperatures slowly rising but it will be even warmer at Trenderway this year.

Our new boiler is here – not the biomass solution we are planning to install but an interim conventional boiler that will provide oodles of hot water and plenty of heat for all the new radiators.

What this does mean is that we don’t currently have a central heating system, or hot water or even cold water in the guest bedrooms. We don’t have a laundry room either and the yard is full of plumbers, builders, vans of various colours and the sound of cement mixers. Making a Trenderway Breakfast in the midst of all this activity is seriously compromised too as we don’t know if the Aga will be on.

So we have been obliged to delay our season opening by a little.
Rest assured we will be open for easter when all the improvements and refurbishments, big and small, made over the winter and spring will be there to enjoy. In the meantime if you do miss the Trenderway Experience please do call or email us.