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Trenderway Under Snow

Where it not so inconvenient the snow would be wonderful.

I take that back. The inconvenience is part of living and working out here. Unlike an office job we can’t just call in saying that the car won’t start or the roads are too slippy. Our animals have to eat and the jobs list does not get any shorter.

At Trenderway no one missed a beat. Those of our staff stuck because their cars could not handle the condition were picked up with one of the 4×4 vehicles. The rest made it in themselves.

Jobs outside that simply could not be carried out were replaced with indoor maintenance and repairs.

And we have discovered that building sand makes a great gritting material which, when washed out in the thaw, is then nothing more than a soil conditioner.

So the snow is wonderful. It cradles Trenderway in a clean crisp blanket and we just have to work with it as part of Nature’s magic.

(It not as poetic, however, for dairy farmers. In many parts of the country the authorities are focused on clearing main routes (commuter routes) and milk tankers are finding it very difficult to collect. The councils’ depots are refusing to allow farmers to collect grit themselves and therefore to grit the access routes. One of my new feeds is suggesting that some farmers are already spreading milk on fields as the cows have to be milked and they are running out of storage space.)