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Real Elephants not Just Orange Elephants

Trenderway Farm is in India!
For any farmer India has to be heaven on earth. Everything grows and the earth is just bursting with life. So what if the produce is so completely different and the livestock is treated like a god. Coffee grows in the hedgerows, pepper is a wild vine running riot on nutmeg trees and cocoa pods are picked and split so that the flesh around the seeds can be sucked as a snack.
Right now Jacquie and I are sitting on the veranda at Philip Kuttys Farm looking out over the lake, sipping lime juice and just watching the lilies float past. Behind us is a 50 acre farm that we are looking forward to touring later in the day.

Meeting some elephants and getting to rub up against them was unbelievable, we tried to explain that we have our own elephants in England – Orange Elephants as our South Devon Cows are affectionately known.
Our trip is taking us from coast to hill to the backwaters and to the Jungles. We are staying with farmers and homesteads, eating fruit and spices from their own gardens and drinking coffee bought in the local market from other local growers.
On the way back we will be stopping in Mumbai/Bombay for a short while. Just long enough we hope to get a sense of that unique city and to visit the Dahrabi slum and the markets.

India is magical and now I know why everyone told us that once you visit India you are just starting to visit India.