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The Eagles are coming

Ancient Art of Falconry is coming to Trenderway Farm

Phil and Sharon from Ancient Art Falconry from Bodming Moor here in Cornwall will be flying their birds at Trenderway on a regular basis and wonderful sight and one that our guests have been enjoying the as the Birds of Prey have been getting to know our terrain.

Over the next few months we will be setting up courses, experience days and weekends. Phil and Sharon will be sharing the magic of these magnificent birds. Owls, falcons, hawks and of course the handsome Steppe Eagle will all be available to fly.

In the meantime we are enjoying every moment these awesome creatures spend on our arms in the the air above us.

Contact either Phil and Sharon or Jacquie or Yaron to find out more.

Eat what you grow – Beef

>Its been an interesting culinary week.

Sunday dinner was a small family affair to try out the first Trenderway Filet. Cooked to perfection in spite of the group approach and the pressure of eager hungry diners, the meat was superb. Soft to the knife and tender to the mouth and with so much flavour that the superb sauce Jacquie had prepared a brilliant extra rather than a requirement.

I can happily state that if all our produce is of the same standard, Trenderway steaks will require nothing added.

Yesterday evening was just as good. 6 of us round the kitchen table with good food and good drink. We started with our new beef sausages. Made to a recipe from Richard McGoewan at Couch’s the sausages were superb. Herby, spicy, the nutmeg just ascending to the nose, the mustard and black pepper warming the palate and the garlic and onion adding just that strong rustic flavour. Fantastic.
These were followed by another superb filet. Even better this time.