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>Quads and new drivers

> So this is what happens when our visitors enjoy riding our ATV a little too much.

Poor Gigi… now she knows what makes the quad stop and what makes it go faster, next time she sees a stretch of water approaching fast, she will push/squeeze the right bits.

Not to worry, the cavalry arrived and pulled them out, nothing damaged apart from everyone’s sides, which were sore from laughing too much.

We towed the quad out and having given every bit a good coating of oil are letting the engine drain out over the weekend.

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>Trenderway Farm joins the jet set

>or at least the helicopter set.
Monday evening we had our first helicopter land at Trenderway. Part of the surprise birthday celebrations for one of our guests it added real zest to our day and reminded Jacquie and me why we do this farming and hospitality stuff.

We had been planning this for days. The weather kept us on our toes, raining all day and then clearing up for the few hours needed to make this little event superb.

In the morning we provided coded directions for the individual concerned which she had to use while her husband drove. The directions brought her to Castle Air near Liskeard where the helicopter in the photo took her for a tour of our area. She actually landed in Cows Field amongst the bales, some of which I had stacked to create a windbreak which also hid a suprise picnic and some very old, Cornwall based friends that the birthday girl had not seen for several years.

We had a lot of fun preparing the picnic, canapes where provided by Richard at Couch’s in Polperro and the “champagne” was Camel Valley’s cornish sparkling wine supplied by our neighbours Castang Wines.

A wonderfull time was had by all, and the evening ended with a sumptuous feast at The Well House in St Keyne.

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